Pass-tv is an Accredited (by the Canadian Association of Broadcasters) television advertising agency. We are a boutique agency providing our services exclusively to Pass business units and to other professional / high end firms seeking to reach a high income television audience. (Our preferred network to reach this audience in Canada is the Business News Network-BNN.)

We produce sophisticated, superior quality television commercials in High Definition (HD) for a surprisingly modest price. Please click on these links to view 4 sample commercials we have recently produced and aired nationally commercial 1, commercial 2, commercial 3, commercial 4.

We also look after all your media planning and airtime buying at no additional cost, providing you with the most cost effective, full service, one-stop television advertising platform possible.

Usually we carefully select and target prospective clients and then do our best to convince professional / high end firms of the many merits of television advertising in general and Pass-tv in particular. However we can't get to everyone we would like to, so if you are interested we encourage you to contact us and we welcome your inquiries.

Thank you for your interest. We hope you enjoyed viewing the commercials and we promise to follow up on your inquiries promptly.

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