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                            Cost Effective Consulting Diagnostics


Pass Management Consultants delivers cost effective client-specific process interventions focused on results. Our operating premise is that objective consulting diagnostics - yielding an accurate and precise problem definition– is frequently the only catalyst clients require.

Consulting diagnostics. This is no different than a physician diagnosing  an ailment. In both cases, if this is wrong, everything that follows in the way of treatment is far more likely to be harmful than helpful. In management consulting this is where the ‘rubber hits the road’. This is where clients need to be on the qui vivre. It is probable, if the consultant is right, that the problem, or at least its’ perceived severity and impact, will differ from what had been the clients’ view at the outset. (In a nutshell there is much truth to the “old saw’ that if you knew what the problem was, you wouldn’t need us.)

As often as not, once we have ‘nailed’ the problem definition, our job is over : ‘a problem well defined is a problem half solved’. At this point, we may have made most of our contribution as catalyst or change agent. Clients are at least as smart as us, and they know their business better than we do; often with the problem well in hand, solutions become apparent.

Certainly if a full scale consulting intervention is required, we will deliver it, but we will always make our best effort through consulting diagnostics to ensure our clients find that expense unnecessary.


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