Pass Expertise

                 The Management & Professional Resource Base With the Proven Track Record

                                            There is NO Substitute for Experience.


Pass Expertise is the management, professional, and ‘subject matter expert’ resource base clients access for individual, (usually short term) assignments, expert assistance on projects, executive bridging, interim management, and all other occasions when temporary experience is called for.

We are in the business of maintaining a resource base of retired high-achievers, primarily at senior levels, and rapidly deploying these resources to meet our clients’ diverse needs for experience.

Our Mission is to provide our clients with a significant advantage by being a consistently responsive, reliable, flexible and cost effective source of interim experience.

Pass Expertise is a 21st century response to a 21st century challenge – a practical, cost effective source of experienced people to do whatever needs to be done, to do it right, at a reasonable cost, with no long term commitment or obligation on the part of client organizations.

Flexible, available experience can make all the difference by providing competent ‘extra hands’; effective interim management; executive bridging; expert advice; critical scientific and professional input; the establishment or execution of an entire function; project participation or management; quality control; communications;  -  in fact -  anything.

Anything that can be done by people with the experience, skill and motivation  to do it.

Pass Expertise is all about experience – including our own 30 plus years experience operating a resource base of retired people that has completed more than 1000 assignments ranging from 1 professional for one day to 45 specialists for several months. Some of our contributions continue to have global impact.

We look forward to serving you as your organization experiences the benefit of experience.



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