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                             Major Issue / High  Impact Interventions


The Pass Centre Of Excellence conducts major issue / high impact, multi-discipline management consulting interventions.

If you reflect on the current ‘global financial crisis’, you will have some insight into the circumstances that prompted us to create a management consulting “Centre of Excellence” some years ago.

Involved in a particularly challenging assignment addressing a profound  global environmental challenge, we found ourselves almost entirely alone in actually wanting to succeed in its resolution.

Events have unfolded during this ‘crisis’ as in that one:

* individuals and organizations that should be providing solutions are instead performing a disservice to everyone with ‘cry baby’ and ‘alarm bell’ diatribes that mostly serve to plant the problem permanently into the landscape.

* you might also see this in the media where it is fashionable to try to ‘make’ the news as well as report it. Somehow the problem never goes away. It takes on a life of its’ own, and like a vacuum, quickly attracts people who soon have a vested interest in never solving the problem because, one way or another, they are living off it.

In the face of this as well as much pressure from ‘stakeholders’ seeking to influence our recommendations in their favour, we realized the need for a higher, almost ‘isolationist’ level of focus. That degree of focus, we thought, was the essence of academic and other centres of excellence.

This distinction worked well for us on that assignment and others of a similar nature that followed.

Adherence to the management consulting process and objectivity are the hallmarks of all Pass interventions. However if your organization is confronting a particularly sensitive challenge we will likely take this into account and deliver its’ resolution through the Centre Of  Excellence.


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