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The Corporation consists of 4 separate but inter-connected and mutually supporting Business Units:


* The Pass Centre of Excellence

* Pass Management Consultants

* Pass Expertise

* Pass-tv

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The Pass World Corporation is a catalyst and conduit for positive outcomes.  We are management, search and media consultants and since 1972 when it was founded, the firm has always been about three things. The first is effectiveness – getting the job done – always delivering as promised no matter what. The second is standards of excellence – always trying to deliver more than the client expects. The third is our motto – ‘Excelsior’ –ever higher; seeing just how far we can reach (and that reach is now being extended to Asia with the opening of our new office in Guangzhou, China).

So far, we have completed more than 2200 assignments. All of them, from expert advice to a small company for one day, to a Royal Commission that has had global impact, to television commercial production and media planning for professional firms share one thing:


When our clients want to chart the  best course for themselves  they always get their money’s worth  with The Pass World Corporation.

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